Merced Express, October 29, 1897


In Merced, Oct. 22, 1897, Samuel J. Ross, a native of Merced county, Cal., age 38 years, 8 months and 1 day.


ROSS, Samuel James

Merced Express, October 29, 1897

Death of Sam Ross.

Samuel James Ross, a well known resident of Merced, died suddenly at the family residence on Twenty-first street on Friday afternoon last from a hemorrhage of the lungs. He had been a sufferer from consumption for a year or more, but was able to be up and around to the very hour of his death. Friday last he had just left the dinner table and gone into his room when the family heard him cry out, "Salt! Salt!" and when his mother, sister and niece reached him, he said, "Children, I am going this time sure," and five minutes afterwards he was dead.

The deceased was born on the Merced river near Hopeton 36 years ago and was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ross, well known and _______ respected citizens of this county _____________but with them he had good traits of character, he was kind, generous, respectful and courteous to those whom he knew were worthy of such treatment. He was especially respectful and courteous to those who were older than himself. He was never married and died in the noon day of life, before he came in contact with those useful business opportunities that he should have met with in his young manhood. He leaves a loving and devoted mother, two affectionate sisters and brother to mourn his death.

The funeral took place Sunday afternoon from the family residence. Rev. M. C. Johnson of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church officiating. The floral offerings were many and handsome. The pall bearers were Geo. Conway, Chas. French, James Oliver, Edward Stockird, Jo Sullivan, Sam Cornell, Dr. A. T. Hyde and Robt. Atchison.

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