Oakland Tribune, Oakland, CA.
Saturday, July 17, 1915
 Woman Who Crosses Plains In Early Days Passes Away
 Mrs. A. Lucretia Young, 83 years of age and a pioneer resident of this state, died at her home in this city yesterday morning. Mrs. Young was one of the early settlers in California, having crossed the plains in 1852 with her parents, settling at first in Merced, where she lived for a number of years.
 The party with which she crossed the plains was a part of the original Death valley party, whose caravan of prairie schooners numbered 108. The majority of the party perished in the Death valley country. The family of the late Mrs. Young escaped the fate of the other members of the band by remaining for the winter of 1849-50 in Salt Lake.
 The body of Mrs. Young will be taken to Merced, her former home, and funeral services held tomorrow.
 Two sons and three grandsons survive.

transcribed by Alma