Merced Express
Friday, August 25, 1933

William P. Stoneroad, Jr.

William P. Stoneroad, Jr., a member of a pioneer Merced family, passed away in San luis Obispo last Saturday, according to word received by his cousin, Edward J. Hicks, of this city.

Mr. Stoneroad was born in Merced about fifty-three years ago. His father was one of the first publishers of the Merced Express in the seventies, and later was County Supervisor for this county, and his mother was a member of the pioneer Hicks family, which was prominent in social and political circles in Merced county in early days. After leaving Merced about thirty-five years ago he resided in Fresno for several years and then moved to San Luis Obispo and was engaged in the cleaning and dyeing business.

Surviving relatives and two aunts, Mrs. Flora Catts of Stockton and Mrs. Edna Harris of Oakland; and uncle, Kames K. Hicks of Livingston, and two cousins, E. J. Hicks of Merced and A. J. Turner of Le Grand.

Transcribed by: Alma Stone