Merced County Tribune
Saturday, Dec. 26, 1874, page 3.
ANOTHER CITIZEN GONE. - Week before last we published the fact that J. T. Silman, a farmer residing on the Merced river, near Hopeton, was very ill. This week we regret to record his death which took place on last Monday morning at seven o'clock. Deceased was the father-in-law of Judge Robertson, of this place.
 He was a native of South Carolina, aged 66 years. He had been a resident of Merced county for a long time, and was well known and highly respected. His life was one of usefulness. He lived to see his family grow up and become useful members of society. His death was something that might have been expected at almost any time, for her was old and full of years, but we are so constituted that we are never prepared for the departure of a good citizen, He leaves a family and a large community behind to mourn his loss.
Contributed by Merced County Historical Society.


James Tarrant Silman's headstone. Hopeton Cemetery