Merced Evening Sun, Merced, CA. January 24, 1922. Page # 6.

Fred H. Phillips Passes Away in S.F.

Veteran Merced Printer Is Dead Following Long Illness; Native of Mariposa.

The many friends of the Harris and Phillips families will receive with regret news of the passing of Fred H. Phillips, whose death occurred at the family home in San Francisco at 8 o'clock last evening.

Mr. Phillips, old-time printer, left here about five years ago to seek benefit in health for both his wife and self in the change to the climate of the bay. Mrs. Phillips died about two years ago.

Fred Phillips was born in Mariposa 52 years ago and learned the printing business with his half brothers, Thomas and Charles Harris, and when the Harris brothers came to Merced in 1880 and established the Merced Star, Fred became a printer in the establishment and eventually it's foreman, which position he held for many years. He was an artistic and capable printer and a credit to the craft.

About five years ago Mr. Phillips married Miss Julia McClenathan member of one of Merced's pioneer families. She died, two years ago, as above stated. There were no children.

Mr. Phillips mother was twice married. she was Mrs. Harris and the mother of several children, two of whom are surviving, John Harris of San Francisco, and Charles Harris of Merced.
By the second marriage there were two children, Fred H. and Miss Vinnie Phillips, who resides at the home in San Francisco with her elder half-brother, John Harris.

The funeral, while not yet announced, will probably take place in San Francisco with cremation, as was done with the remains of Mrs. Fred Phillips and Miss Emily Harris.
Charles Harris left last night for San Francisco in response to a message announcing the death of his brother.

Transcribed by: Alma Stone