PFITZER, Anthony
Merced Express, December 19, 1891

Death of Mr. Anthony Pfitzer.

On Saturday last Mr. Anthony Pfitzer, a pioneer citizen of the west side met with an unfortunate and painful accident which caused his death Monday morning last. The particulars of the unfortunate and sad affair are as follows: The deceased and one of his sons, a young man about 21 years of age, were killing hogs on the ranch with a Winchester rifle when the accident occurred. Young Pfitzer shot a hog in the head and the bullet glanced, striking his father in the arm, shattering the bone, and entered the chest, where it lodged in the lungs. The unfortunate man was removed to Volta and Drs. McCabe and Evans were summoned to attend him. Everything was done for him that medical aid could do, but all the efforts of the physicians and loving hands were of no avail.

Mr. Anthony Pfitzer was a native of Germany, aged 59 years. He was a pioneer settler of the West Side, where he had followed the sheep business for years and has accumulated quite a landed [sic] estate.  He was well known for his push and enterprise, he being the founder of the town of Volta, which was his pride. He was a representative citizen, and we known of no man on the West Side who will be missed more than Antone Pfitzer, as he was known to his fellow-men.  The deceased leaves a wife and a large family of children to mourn the loss of a dutiful husband and a kind and affectionate father.

The funeral took place on Wednesday last and the interment in the Cottonwood cemetery.

(transcribed by: Thomas Hilk)

Merced Star [Merced, CA.]
Thursday, Dec. 17, 1891


Antone Pfitzer, an old resident of the West Side, was killed at his home near Volta last Saturday under the following circumstances: He and a son 16 years of age were killing hogs with a Winchester rifle and the boy in loading rammed one of the shells home too hard discharging it prematurely, making a fatal wound from the effects of which Mr. Pfitzer died early Sunday morning. The deceased left a large family and was very well to do. Mr. Pfitzer was emphatically a self-made man and accumulated his wealth by hard knocks. He was a member of the present Grand Jury and was in Merced only a few days since.

(transcribed by: Alma Stone)

Merced Star [Merced, CA.]
Thursday, Dec. 24, 1891


Anthony Pfitzer, who was accidentally killed at his home near Volta last week, left a will, following which is a copy. The property is estimated by the executors to be worth $32,500. He directs that his debts and funeral expenses be paid, after which the document says:

Thirdly -- I bequeath to my wife Theresa Pfitzer all my real and personal property in trust for the n=benefit of my natural heirs (hereinafter mentioned) during her natural life and remaining unmarried. After her death or marriage, I bequeath the said property as hereinafter provided.

Fourthly -- I bequeath to Mary Ann Pfitzer, Julia Ann Pfitzer, Antone Pfitzer, Rosa Pfitzer, William Pfitzter, Clara Pfitzer and Louis Pfitzer, the sum of fifteen hundred dollars each after the payment of all outstanding debts and bequest hereinafter mentioned.

Fifthly -- I bequeath to each of the aforesaid children, provided they have not passed the age of fourteen years, a sum not exceeding three hundred dollars each, to be expended in their education.

Sixthly -- I bequeath to my wife, Theresa Pfitzer, during her lifetime, and remaining unmarried, all the rents, issues and emoluments of my estate for her support and the support of the minor children.

Seventhly -- I bequeath all the residue of my estate, after the fulfillment of the foregoing bequests and the full payment of all costs and liabilities to my children by my wife, Theresa Pfitzer, share and share alike.

Eighthly -- I have already bequeathed and given to my sons, Frank and Joseph, a sum equal to fifteen hundred dollars, wherefore it is my desire that they shall have no distribution mentioned fourthly is fully made, after which they will share as provided seventhly.

I hereby appoint Theresa Pfitzer and John Russell, without bonds, executors of my last will and testament.

(transcribed by: Alma Stone)