Merced Sun Star, Merced, CA.
April 6, 1940, page 1.

Mrs. Van Horne Dies In Merced

Mrs. Kathryn Van Horne, 58, of Santa Barbara, former resident of Merced, died at a hotel here early this morning from a heart stroke.

Mrs. Henry Flannery of Sausalito, who had been her guest in Santa Barbara, accompanied Mrs. Van Horne to Merced. They were in Merced visiting Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Doyle, 36 Twenty-second.

The Doyle's urged them to stay as their guests last night, but Mrs. Van Horne said she and her friend were on their way to Yosemite, thence to Sausalito, and they would stay down town.

Mrs. Van Horne and Mrs. Flannery retired last evening at 9:30. Mrs. Flannery says they both apparently slept well. When Mrs. Flannery arose this morning she called to Mrs. Van Horne who failed to respond. Mrs. Flannery tried to arouse her and sent for a doctor who said Mrs. Van Horne had passed away several hours before, she had died in her sleep.

The body was removed to the mortuary of Welch-Nelson. Mrs. Van Horne's brother, Edgar Stowe, former state senator, arrived by airplane at 2:30 this afternoon. A coroner's inquest and funeral arrangements were pending.

Mrs. Van Horne was born near Santa Barbara, a member of the socially prominent Stowe family. She came to Merced in 1919 with her husband, L. D. Van Horne, who was manager of the Crocker-Huffman Co. They lived in the huge Huffman home which stood on Bear creek on the present site of the home of C. Ray Robinson, Merced attorney. Van Horne lives in Sacramento.

Leaving Merced in 1930, Mrs. Van Horne went to Santa Barbara where for six years she was dietician at Cate's Boys' school at Carpenteria. Surviving are the three children of Mrs. Van Horne -- Miss Maria Ealan of Washington, D.C., Garrett Van Horne, student at U.C., and Peggy Van Horne, student at Mills college.


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