MAGUIRE, George W.
Le Grand Advocate, Saturday, December 12, 1914


George W. Maguire, another old timer of the early Plainsburg days, passed away in San Francisco, Friday, Dec. 4. Though his death was sudden, it was not unexpected as he had been failing for several years. He died of heart trouble. Burial occurred in San Francisco, Monday.

George W. Maguire a native of the Golden State, was born in Santa Cruz county in 1861, his parents having come to California from Mass. via the Isthmus in 1853. George acquired a good business education and settled near Plainsburg in Merced county. He purchased a tract of 360acres and also acted as superintendent of the Kahl ranch.

In 1888 he married Miss Mary E. Reynolds, one child was born to this union, Leslie C. The mother died in 1890.

Later Mr. Maguire was married to Miss Adele Badger, a niece of Mrs. A.L. Kahl, to this union one daughter was born. Both children and hislast wife are living.

Deceased was a member of several lodges and also a firm supporter of the single Tax, as is his brother, Judge James Maguire who was at onetime candidate for governor of the state.

Contributed by: Tom Hilk