Dos Palos Star

Friday, February 28, 1913


Had Just Returned From An Eastern Trip

Mrs. S. D. Hunt died at her home in Dos Palos last Sunday night after an illness of only a few hours. She complained of severe pains in the stomach shortly after the noon meal but refused to have her husband call the doctor, stating that she had nothing more than an ordinary stomach ache. About 5 o’clock Mr. Hunt decided that he would call the doctor any way and immediately went for him. While away he had left Mrs. Jas. Lover with the patient and on his return to his home met Mr. Lover and was told that Mrs. Hunt was dying. Mr. Hunt hurried and upon on arrival found his wife dead.

Martha Goodridge was born in Indiana on the 17th of January 1844, her age being 69 years, 1 month and 6 days.

She was married to Stephen Hunt on February 10, 1869. Her residence at that time being Platsmouth, Nebraska.

She was the mother of three sons and two daughters. Her husband and three sons survive her.

She removed with her family to Dos Palos, Cal. In 1896, residing in this vicinity for about 18 years, faithful to home and the care of her family, respected by all and beloved by those who her best. Many years ago she expressed her faith in Christ by uniting with the Baptist church. A pleasant incident, showing her true Christian character, is that her children remember her as constantly humming her favorite hymn while about work:

" Blessed assurances, Jesus is mine, Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine–"

Recently having consumated a long planned visit to her old home in Nebraska, she returned with joy and pleasant memories renewed, to home and loved ones here, to be called Feb. 23, almost at once, from joyful greetings to the Eternal Home best of all.

The entire community sympathize with the bereaved husband and sons.

Transcribed by: Alma